8 Most Successful Celebrity Nose Jobs


Our noses are what people notice first, aren’t they? “Oh God, I hate my nose!” – many of us go. And what about “others”? What would celebrities normally do, if they didn’t like something about their appearance? That’s right, they go to plastic surgeons! Could the nose shape affect the celebrities’ career? Of course it could! Here are 8 successful examples of rhinoplasty.

Celebrity Nose Jobs

Marilyn Monroe, Rhinoplasty Pioneer!

Legendary Marilyn was one of the first celebrities to have had a plastic surgery done. Rhinoplasty is yet another secret weapon which turned plain-looking small-town-girl Norma Jean into a chic Merilyn. Smooth line of sensual nostrils and thin nose bridge contributed to a new image of the actress.

Marilyn Monroe Rhinoplasty

Scarlett Johansson: “I never had a plastic surgery”

Not that long ago the young and charming Scarlett Johansson used to be pretty big-nosed. Rhinoplasty has made her face features noticeably finer. The actress didn’t lose her individuality though, it is still her nose but it became smaller. Scarlett keeps denying her rhinoplasty. She claims, she will go to plastic surgeons only when she faces the first signs of aging. According to her words, she believes plastic surgery is a great way to avoid looking like a wrinkled witch when she’s old.

Scarlett Johansson Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston, almost natural beauty

Jennifer is partially Greek, and by the time of her aging you could tell what nationality her father is by her nose. Plastic surgery helped here, too. Last year Jen had yet another plastic surgery. Now Aniston is discouraging plastic surgery and saying she had to change her nose because she needed it medically.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Britney Spears, invisible change

Rhinoplasty is at peak of its popularity and you are supposed to be in. Britney Spears and her surgeon found simple and effective solution – Britney’s new nose is a copy of her natural nose in its form but the fake one is smaller. The result was just great: You can’t see the change right away but it was for better. They didn’t achieve the best wished result with one surgery, so the singer had to have another surgery.

Britney Spears Nose Job

Halle Berry on the way to Oscar

Before rhinoplasty you could say Halle Berry was one of many cute actresses out there. But a nose job made her look like a mind-blowing beauty. Narrowing the span of the nostrils is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeries among Afro-American celebrities. After the nose job had been done Halle Berry’s career was on the rise and she became the only Oscar-winning girlfriend of James Bond (in ‘Die Another Day’ movie).

Halle Berry Nose Job

Winona Ryder, you wouldn’t believe it!

Once you saw that big-eyed girl, you wouldn’t get her off your mind. However, before starring in ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and ‘Bram Stocker’s Dracula’, she had her nose job. The surgery was a success. Ryder looks so natural now that it’s hard to believe she changed anything in her appearance. Many surgeons say that when it comes down to plastic surgery, it’s crucial not to overdo it. The ex-lover of Jonny Depp did it right.

Winona Ryder Nose Job

Angelina Jolie, one more little step to excellence

Angelina Jolie was born beautiful. As a teenager, she had a part time job modeling and made appearance in video clips of many famous bands like Meat Loaf, Rolling Stones, Lemonhead and Lenny Kravitz. After her first notable movie ‘Hackers’ had been released, she decided to make her nose bridge smaller. Well, actually her surgeon has nothing to be proud of as he didn’t have a lot of job here. But the fact that Jolie’s fans are still arguing whether their idol had a plastic surgery or not, means that Angelina looks very natural. So her nose job was successful.

Angelina Jolie Nose Job

Janet Jackson, pursuit of beauty in blood

The younger sister of Michael Jackson has followed her brother’s footsteps. She had a good start as a singer and was also busy getting plastic surgeries done. Fortunately, she could stop before it was too late. The nose job made her look better, though now you can argue over her naturalness. This cute button-nose makes the 42-year old look a bit childish. Smooth voice, nice show and bright appearance are a key to Janet Jackson’s successful career.

Janet Jackson Nose Job

And do you think these clebrities really needed a nose job or could they achieve what they have now without it, just like Barbra Streisand, for example?


  1. vanity leads to more plastic surgery procedures. people are becoming more conscious about their appearance “”,

  2. Janet Jackson’s nose job successful??? UGH you must think joel gray had a good nose job too. And Briittney’s before on this page was already after her first nose job …you can tell by her upside down V shaped nostrils. Her original nose was small but had a round prominant tip with very little nostril show She had a nose relatively young as surgery goes because she was in the limelight. Actually instead of just slimming the tip which I am sure was her intention they cut into theouter part of her nostrils making them shaped like a capital “A” or and upside down “V”. not the sign of a good doctor. The nose was actually a little piggy looking after her surgery (The above before) then she had another one to further slim the noseline. If you want to see several TRUE befores see the video
    Britney Spears as a child (Rare pics) (The prom looking pics in there are her first after) then there are a few after that not in order without the nose job again.

  3. Will somebody please post which plastic surgeons these celebrities are using!! I know The surgeons can’t disclose, but somebody out there knows!!!   I am shopping for the best rhinoplasty surgeon, and really want to find out which surgeons do these natural, barely detectable nose jobs, such as Natalie Portmanteau, Scarlet Johanson, or Katie Holmes.  Any ideas???

  4. Ha ha, I can’t wait for the article where Scarlett talks about her huge nose.

    Then she denies having surgery. Bitch, something clearly happened. Your nose gets bigger as you get older not smaller. She’s such an arrogant bitch. And she’s technically really fug without all that photoshop and pancake makeup. Get out of movies bitch, no one likes you!

  5. Haha! jealous much, Rose? And make up can do wonders.. search a tutorial on how to slim your nose on youtube and you will see.. it could be the angle, lighting, makeup and any number of things.. 

  6. Everyone wants to have Asian looking nose these days. No one wants the nose and body God gave them. Actually, the Halle Berry new nose job kinda look good.

  7. well my sister had big nose then she consult with the surgeon doctors and they recommend for nose right tool now she using nose right tool from 2 month really she got amazing result without surgery.

  8. THE “EMPRESS” HAS NO CLOTHES!! Will somebody besides me recognize that Jennifer Anniston isn’t a “beauty”–natural or otherwise. She has small close-set eyes, and a lantern jaw that was made even more awful by the recent mini-fied nose. Who the hell did she blow to get on all these “beauty” lists, anyway? Almost every picture shows her with her ugly mug half covered by two pounds of false hair.

  9. Rhinoplasty involves modifying both the bones (upper part) and the cartilage (lower part) of the nose for a variety of desired aesthetic results: a narrower nose, a higher bridge, a more refined tip, removal of a bump, and so on.


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