Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Work at Morgue


It has been one hell of a Freaky Friday for Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan ordered to work at morgue

Morgue is the place she goes to after prison – as was announced by Judge Stephanie Sautner sentencing the actress to four months’ imprisonment and 480 hours‘ community service. It surely looks as though Lohan is going to frequent the solemn house, for she has already been to the L.A. morgue for completing her DUI program back in 2007 (which was the second time she was taken to court for driving in an inebriated state).

RadarOnline collected the information on her working condition from an inside source who explained that Lohan will have a 7-hour working day from 8 a.m. till 4 in the afternoon with an hour for lunch break. She will be engaged in cleaning, general maintenance tasks and some janitorial duties like taking garbage out – but her duty area won’t be including body storage crypts.

It further appears that the 24-year-old movie star won’t have to wear the state prison uniform, for it is not a necessity for morgue cleaners.

The source added that the Mean Girls movie queen cannot expect to be treated in any way differently from other workers. “Generally, there are no problems with people that do community service at the morgue as long as they keep their heads down and just get on with their duties,” it was said.

The fateful Friday ended with Lohan being released from Lynwood Correctional Facility upon posting a bond to the amount of $75,000. In June the misdemeanor case of her alleged jewelry theft will be heard with a pre-trial date scheduled for May 11.

After doing her time in jail, Lohan is also due for 360 hours of community service to be completed at L.A.’s Downtown Women‘s Center.

Source of the image: Mirror.