Portion Control Plate Prevents Overeating

It’s a perfectly understandable habit with a lot of people to finish off everything that was on their plate, and while it’s fine for clearing up and washing up after dinner at home it may play havoc with the noble wish of slimming down. Of course if you watch your pounds you have to watch your portions, and so many people picked up the restaurant notion that a plate ought to be filled to overflowing.

The idea to get it controlled is to whip out this thing called the Portion Control Plate and let it keep your portions and your weight within limits. It’s a dividing device designed to be mounted on your plate (it’s made to fit most common-size plates) and furnish you with compartments for protein, starch, vegetables, fruits, properly labeled. Every compartment is one cup large and has a line marking half a cup. The Portion Control Plate takes its basic notion from the USDA My Pyramid serving sizes. Is $15 all right for the assistance in measuring out proper portions, eh?

Portion Control Plate for Weight Balance

Source of the image: Taylorgifts, Diet.lovetoknow.

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