Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Engaged?


Scandals and gossips have been surrounding Kim Kardashian for years. No sooner had the western media discussed all the details of her secret pictures in the Internet, than a new sensation appeared: rumor has it that Kim is engaged again!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could already be engaged.

The sensation has been provided by the portal Showbiz Spy that claims (of course, referring to an anonymous but well-informed source) that Kanye West, an old friend and a new boyfriend of the star, proposed Kim to marry him:

“Kanye proposed earlier this month, Kim said yes immediately – but she wants it to be a lengthy engagement; she’s learned not to rush into marriage.”

In addition, her divorce with Chris Humphreys has not been settled yet. However, all this does not prevent Kardashian from already thinking about the children:

“Kim says she’d like to have some ‘Little Kanyes’ as soon as her schedule allows.”

Kanye West Could Have Already Proposed to Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, the schedule is extremely tough – the Kardashians have recently signed a contract for the new season of the reality show, which starts in May. Obviously, it will not be soon that we will see Kim pregnant. But according to the insiders, it will happen sooner or later:

“They’re a perfect match. They’ve both got their own money and they both share the same work ethic. It’s a match made in heaven.”