Bobby Brown Sees Marriage with Whitney Houston as Mutual Corruption


The turbulent marriage of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston over, all the blasts of the fury haven’t died down yet. Bobby Brown, 40, still feels the chafe of the past relationship. Which is small wonder considering how long they had been together. He lays bare his part of the story, claiming that he would like to forget their first meeting at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

“I think we corrupted each other,” was how he described it to The Insider.

He shares that the marriage didn’t feel quite right from the start. He is regretting his indulgence in alcohol and drugs, admitting that he went in for cocaine a lot.

“I think I was bored,” he said in his story to VH1’s Behind the Music.

Still Whitney’s ex insists that nobody is to blame, and it was one of those things that just didn’t come out right. “I just think we had a 14-year marriage that had its ups and downs and not many people understood it.”

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