Sony Gets Slimmer Yet with Walkman A840

We are used to the player market regularly bringing out fresh surprises and trying to impress, and after the iPod nano and Zune HD it is Sony’s turn, right? At least that’s what they look on it like. So out comes the new Sony NW-A840, expected to hit the stores somewhere by Halloween.

Sony Walkman A840

This one isn’t meant to be overburdened with every imaginable feature like the Zune HD, and such features as 720p output, touchscreen or Wi-Fi are out of the picture.

Walkman A840

Equipped with a 2.8-inch OLED screen and a video converter so you can simply drop and drag your videos in, NW-A840 is a super-slim device at 7.2mm! Almost as if it would be dangerous to breathe on it too hard. Besides you get a unique noise-canceling digital option and quality earphones.

Sony Walkman

Sony’s NW-A840 is available in black or brown at somewhat swollen prices of $263 for a 16GB one, $329 for 32GB and $439 for 64GB.

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