Standing Strong and Sober: How to Help Your Friend Through the Recovery Process

If you have an addict in your circle of friends or family, you know getting sober is only half the battle. Learn how to can help with the recovery process.

Alcohol and drug abuse are one of the most common addictions of our time, costing countries billions of dollars annually. It’s an ongoing problem not only for the institutions but also the addicts and their families who struggle to find solutions to help their loved ones.

The recovery process can be difficult and filled with ups and downs. But, with the right support and understanding, addicts can turn their lives around.

If you have an addict in your family, make sure they feel safe and loved throughout the recovery process.

Read on to discover the 5 best ways to help a loved one overcome their addiction and begin their recovery journey well-supported.

1. Be Supportive and Understanding

The first rule of helping a recovering alcoholic is to support them fully and without judgment. There are reasons why someone becomes an addict and it’s not always due to irresponsibility and recklessness.

Be understanding of their condition and listen to them when they want to talk about their hardships. Show them you truly care about their physical and mental health and stay patient throughout the process.

2. Help Them Establish New Healthy Habits

When you’re figuring out how to help an addict, bear in mind that addiction itself isn’t a habit. However, it can be replaced by establishing new healthy patterns of behavior that will turn into habits.

For example, prepare healthy food, encourage exercise and regular walks, have fun in a sober environment and help them look for a job.

3. Remove All Temptations

It’s hard for an addict to find ways to get sober if there are temptations lurking in the house. For example, if you live with a recovering alcoholic, remove every single drop of alcohol from the home.

Make sure the environment is healthy and safe, both at home and outside of it.

4. Do Things Together

The key to staying sober is to occupy the brain with chores, work, hobbies, or assignments. To help an addict recover faster, find activities you can do together that’ll keep their mind off of the addiction.

You can go hiking, sign up for cooking lessons, exercise, and even attend therapy together as a family.

5. Help Them Work on Their Mental Health

If you’re wondering how to help a drug addict, but can’t do it on your own, seek professional help. In many cases, addiction comes from the inability to cope with stress or trauma, so therapy can be an effective way to help a recovering addict.

For some addictions, therapy combined with this treatment can help ease the withdrawal process safely and comfortably.

Now You Can Help A Loved One With Their Addiction Recovery Process

The addiction recovery process is a long, challenging journey, not only for the addict but also for the people supporting them. If you’re helping a loved one recover from addiction, it’s essential to be understanding, kind, and patient.

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