5 Most Common Modern Addictions

Addictions are considered the brain’s most acceptable ways to deal with the stresses. According to experts, this happens when the reality turns out to be too heavy for a person and damaging to his psyche, which makes him go into a more comfortable world as a kind of treatment.


Despite the fact that addictions have changed over time, scientists were able to identify their main types and have compiled a rating of modern addictions.

1. Internet & Gadget Addiction

The first place was given to Internet addiction, when a person spends more than 6 hours per day in the web. There are more Internet-dependent people today than alcoholics and drug addicts together – this allowed them to become the “champions” in the list.

This addiction includes dependence on gadgets, like a mobile phone or other electronics, the range of which is steadily growing.

2. Food Addiction

Second place in the list of addictions is occupied by food. The pleasure of eating is formed in us as opposed to life problems. Such a habit quickly leads to nutrition deviations, problems with excessive weight and related diseases.

3. Smoking

Another particularly common addiction is smoking. Doctors are concerned that, despite the active struggle against it, the number of smokers has hardly reduced.

4. Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

Cigarette addiction is closely followed by drug and alcohol addiction: it takes the fourth place in the ranking.

5. Game Addiction

The fifth in this list is game addiction, which is becoming popular among people with low incomes.

How to Detect Addiction?

According to experts, an addiction is defined simply. Prevent a person from doing his “ritual”- and he’ll start showing excitement and anxiety, which are accompanied by neurotic reactions and often end in a nervous breakdown.

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