Best Fat Burning Tips

There is nothing more effective and powerful in the fight against obesity than exercise. Science finds evidence of this almost every day.


Thus, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital found that humans have special genes that trigger fat burning. In addition, there is a special switch activating these genes. It is a metabolite called BAIBA (beta-aminoisobutyric acid). Experiments with laboratory mice showed that rodents quickly lose weight if BAIBA is activated.

In order to achieve the effect of fat burning in the human body, you do not need to take any medications or go through special procedures. It is enough to start exercising regularly, since exercise is the most effective way to turn on the fat burning process. Scientists have long known that sport plays an important role in promoting health and prolonging life expectancy, but it was not clear what changes occur in the human body during workouts. Now it has been revealed. These studies were published by the Cell journal.

It is not necessary to work out for two hours a day to achieve the desired effect. Those who are short of time can choose high-intensity interval training (HIIT). They mean the maximum possible exercise in short periods. For example, you need to run as quickly as possible for only three minutes, or do abs during this time. It is enough to make two or three approaches with short intervals of rest in between, and the body is switched to burning excess fat in the next 24 hours. Not every full-time sports give such an effect. HIIT methodology is one of the most efficient in fat burning.

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