The Hand Diet Regulates Your Portion Size


If you have unsuccessfully tried all the popular methods of losing weight, then you have to try the so-called hand diet. Its followers never eat, for example, meat chunks larger than their hand size.


So, one of the rules of the diet is hand-size servings of meat. Carbohydrates, like pasta, should not exceed the size of your fist clenched. You can have a portion of butter the size of a fingertip and a slice of cheese slightly smaller than two fingers. Following this diet will help you get into shape as quickly as possible.

The hand diet gives a very accurate idea of ​​the amount of food that we have to eat. Alas, it turns out that we eat much more than recommended. For example, many people have five times more pasta than they should, if to consider their height and weight, experts say. Portion sizes are one of the main reasons for our overeating.


As psychologists say, many suffer from the mentality formed in childhood. Mothers taught us to eat everything what is on the plates; otherwise, it would hurt the person who cooked it. We believed the more we eat, the happier the cooks are.

Alas, many people simply do not understand what a healthy portion is. The hand diet gives a convincing answer to this question.