Red Fruit and Veggies Prevent Breast Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer stated that dietary factors are directly or indirectly related to the occurrence of all forms of cancer in 30% of men and 50% women. Scientists admit that modern ideas about nutrition and the role of food as a protective factor that prevents tumor formation have increased significantly.

Fresh fruits

Today, science considers food not only as a source of energy and nutrients, but also as a compicated pharmacological complex that regulates biosynthesis of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and other biologically active compounds necessary for the functioning of the body. Thus, the risk of breast cancer is largely reduced due to regular use of yellow, red and orange vegetables and fruit. This was proved in the course of eight studies involving 3,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer and 3,900 healthy women.

It turned out that carotenoid pigments that give fruit and vegetables their characteristic bright color help boost immunity, improve vision and reduce tumor growth, when accumulated in the female body. As shown by the data collected by scientists, there is a direct relationship between high content of carotenoids in the blood of women and reduced risk of breast cancer.

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