Most Dangerous Age for Men

Nowadays, stroke and other forms of violations of the cardiovascular system are more common in 40-year-old men. According to the experts, this sad statistics is determined by the risk factors, very similar to the factors that are responsible for stroke in the elderly age.

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Blood Stroke Risk in Men

U.S. researchers from Texas Medical Center in together with Finnish experts from Helsinki University Central Hospital have studied more than a thousand patients between the ages of 15 and 49 and found that the likelihood of ischemic stroke, as well as its effect, increases dramatically with age.

What Causes Blood Stroke?

For example, blocking the blood vessels in the female body often occurs at the age up to 30 years, while men suffer from it after 40 years. Other patterns, that are already well-known to the researchers, have been confirmed statistically: in particular, the levels of cholesterol in the blood are elevated in 60% of men, who have had a stroke. Almost half of them (44%) used to smoke, and 39% suffered from high blood pressure before stroke.

Blood Stroke Risk in Men

So, being in the risk age group, men are advised to take preventive measures to avoid once becoming a victim of a brain hemorrhage, which can lead to death or cause certain disabilities and loss of reason. To do this, keep an eye open for your blood pressure and cholesterol levels on a constant basis, watch your weight change and stop smoking.

Men Should Start Blood Stroke Prevention at 35

Neuroscientists confirm that middle-aged men and men of the older generation face the same risk of stroke nowadays. Thus, doctors recommend thinking about prevention of stroke since the age of 35 years.

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