Most Comfortable Age for Men

Men and women have different attitudes to their age. What is the beginning of aging for women is just the beginning of life for men.


A study involving 1,000 men found that men feel grown-up and successful only after reaching 54. This age is the most comfortable for men.

Why so late? Psychologists explain that men feel a lot of pressure and responsibility all their life. Only after 50 men begin to think that their life and earnings became stable.

In addition, modern men become fathers later. Statistics show that the average age of fatherhood today is 32. If the child is born before that age, men experience discomfort caused by self-doubt and financial problems.

As for the men’s fears, most of all, each man is afraid that he cannot buy a house. The second place is taken by the fear of getting bald or losing their jobs, as The Telegraph writes. And what is your man afraid of?