How to Cool Down on a Hot Day?

Not every person can afford installing and maintaining air conditioning in their home because of its relatively high cost. People try to fight the heat in a variety of ways, some of which are erroneous. Our article will tell you how to survive the heat and what mistakes it is better to avoid not to get the opposite result and not to harm your health.

1. Opening a window on a hot sunny day is a bad idea

During the heat, you need to open the windows and balconies in the evening, when the heat subsides. In the morning, it is necessary to close the windows in the dwelling tightly and draw the curtains to prevent the hot air from penetrating inside. This is especially true of the windows facing south. If there is at least one window in the apartment that is in constant shadow (for example, if it is an apartment on the 1st or 2nd floor and the window is covered by a massive tree), you can leave it open throughout the day. But if you keep the window open in the scorching sun, the room will become almost as hot as outside.

2. Cold water can lead to sore throat

Many people believe that the best idea in the heat is very cold water. Ice is also used very often. Drinking icy water in the heat is extremely dangerous, as this can lead to sore throat. In case of a very stifling heat, the body is weakened, therefore, the immunity is slightly lower than at a comfortable temperature. And this is a great environment for germs. Let it not happen so often, however, cases of so-called lightning-fast sore throat were recorded after drinking iced water.

This phenomenon begins with trembling and chills of the whole body. Therefore, if you cannot manage without cold water, it is better to do as follows. In the evening, put a plastic bottle of water in the freezer. Early in the morning, you need to take the bottle and put it in the room. As the water thaws, you can take a small sip. During the day, all the useful water will be drunk without any risk to health.

3. The best choice in the heat is hot green tea

Did you pay attention to the fact that residents of very hot countries sit in tents, dressed in the clothes that cover the body from head to foot, and… drink tea. Hot green tea expands blood vessels, like any hot drink, so it lowers blood pressure and allows you to increase sweating. The body cools quickly and no longer sweats.

Cool water leads to sharp cooling of the internal organs, so the body gives the command to raise the body temperature as a protective mechanism. The result is that the vessels narrow and the pressure increases. Plentiful sweating continues long after taking the cold drink. Especially if you drink cold soda water or sweetened drinks. The body inside is cold, and the blood keeps circulating hot.

4. A fan must be placed so that it does not blow directly on the person.

A fan is a simple and relatively inexpensive device that will help you escape from overheated air on very hot days. It’s really useful to have it in the heat. It is very important to place the device so that it does not blow directly on the person. A fan essentially creates a draft. Drafts can cause severe pain in the muscles, the so-called “lumbago” – inflammation of muscle tissue caused by the temperature difference. Many people, who like to sleep with their windows wide open, often complain about the pain in the neck, back and lower back which comes when they wake up. This is the consequence of a draft. Therefore it is very important not to direct the fan to a person. There may also be eye inflammation, a runny nose, or a sore throat.

5. A competent menu of liquids will save your health in the heat

In the heat, a person normally has increased sweating. Along with sweat, the body loses moisture and a large number of trace elements. Therefore, it is worth diversifying your drinking diet with vegetable and fruit juices, decoctions of herbs such as mint and lemon balm. The water you drink is best acidified with lemon juice. In absolutely abnormal heat, it would be nice to drink slightly salted water, since it is the salt that is most effective at retaining fluid in the body. But you should know the reasonable limits, otherwise swelling of the face and limbs may occur.

6. If it is impossible to take a cool shower, moisten the ears with very cold water

In developed countries, any institution for people has very comfortable showers that help them escape the heat. In developing countries, most often they can only be dreamed about. However, a sink with very cold water can be found literally everywhere. There is a great life hack. During strong heat, washing your face with very cold water is not a panacea (many ladies will not do this, as they apply daily makeup). You just need to moisten the earlobes with the coldest water available. One more area with the same qualities of a magic wand in the heat is elbows. It is good to wet your ears and elbows immediately.

This is important! Temperature contrast is of key importance here: if the “blue tap” gives you the water of room temperature, look for a sink with really cold water.

7. Instead of air humidifier… washed laundry will come in handy!

Not everyone has an air conditioner and a humidifier. But a washing machine is not uncommon in every home. When there is a strong heat, dry your freshly washed laundry right in the room where you relax or work. First, you will enjoy the pleasant smell of powder or fabric softener. Secondly, the air will be moistened for some time, and thus spring will come to your room to replace the summer.

8. A bowl of water will save you for a while

This is the tip from our grandmothers. If the temperatures in the living room are very high, you can put a bowl with very cold water in close proximity to yourself. It will humidify the air and will give some amount of cold. This method is absolutely safe for health, in contrast to the fan targeted at you.

Finally, there are some blitz tips on competent behavior in the hot season:

  • Choose clothes of light shades and all-natural fabrics
  • In order to indulge yourself with something sweet, choose fruits, even the most sugar-containing ones, but not cakes!
  • It is better to cook vegetables and meat inside cooking foil. DO NOT fry them (smoked meat, marinades and preserves should be completely discarded)
  • If you feel especially bad in the heat (you feel dizzy, your pressure is high, your vision is impaired, and everything is dark in the eyes), you should stay indoors from 11-00 to 17-00
  • Sunbathe only in the morning or after 4 p.m.
  • Use a minimum of cosmetics in the hot period.
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