Most Common Myths about Basic Wardrobe Items

Basic wardrobe is a pretty controversial concept, and the vision of it can differ a lot. Even stylists are unable to agree on this, because many of the rules and tips about basic wardrobe items have long become outdated. Therefore, we will tell you about the most common myths and help you form an opinion on what the basic wardrobe should look like.

What is basic?

First you need to understand what is meant by a “basic wardrobe.” In general, it includes items that, firstly, are worn more often, and, secondly, are easily and simply combined with trendy clothing and footwear. They should also be well combined with each other and suitable for almost any situation and season.

Basic wardrobe cannot exist without fashionable things and vice versa, because having only basic items is too boring, and having only trendy ones – too expensive, as you will have to update your wardrobe every season. Moreover, the idea of a basic wardrobe also changes with time. If, a few years ago, tight jeans were a trend, now loose-fitting models, like boyfriend jeans, are increasingly frequent on catwalks. Not so long ago, we revived the long-forgotten midi and high-waist trousers. That is, the basic wardrobe also needs to be updated in accordance with current trends.

As for the clothes and shoes for all occasions, we recommend buying more expensive and high-quality items, because you intend to wear them for several years, rather than one or two seasons. So you should pay attention to good fabrics, perhaps even brand manufacturers. In addition, the style should not be too complex, and the colors should match.

Now that we have figured out basic concepts, let’s turn to the myths that may prevent you from getting a perfect wardrobe.

Myth 1. There is a universal list of clothes that everyone has to buy

Browse for “wardrobe essentials for women”, and the search results will contain a huge number of articles whose authors will try to convince you that all girls must have ten/twenty/fifty things of a certain color and style in their wardrobe. In fact, every woman should have her own basic wardrobe. It depends on the field of activity, lifestyle, appearance, personal tastes and preferences. If you don’t wear high-heeled shoes, feel free to choose white sneakers over beige pumps. Worrying that your legs are far from being perfect? Then a midi length model can replace the little black dress in your closet. Dislike jeans? Only one way out: they have no place in your wardrobe. No one except you knows your needs and preferences, which means that only you can create your universal list of things.

Myth 2. Basic wardrobe should be of neutral colors and shades.

Black and white wardrobe… Even the sound of it is boring. Just imagine how you will look wearing all this variety. In order for clothes to be in harmony with each other, they should not necessarily be “colorless”. For example, pink goes well with brown, olive, turquoise, and red looks great with green, blue, black. You should also consider your color type (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).

If one girl is wearing a gray dress, this does not mean that another one will look good in it. Remember the simple truth: the color scheme of your wardrobe can be very wide, without the items losing their functionality. On the contrary, due to a common sub-tone, they will go well with each other.

Myth 3: Basic things should not have a print

What makes basic things basic? Laconic style, no abundance of decorative elements, such as lace, guipure inserts, ruffles and so on. These characteristics allow you to create a lot of looks from the minimum number of items. So, the print on a T-shirt or a sweatshirt does not affect the compatibility. Just pick up a more conservative bottom.

Myth 4: Accessories are not that important

This is another misconception. Many forget style is in the details. Your look will never be complete without jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Any outfit, whether bright or laconic, is just a canvas. However, we need accessories to draw a masterpiece on it. These small but important elements make your look more harmonious and give it certain character.

Unfortunately, when girls go shopping, they first of all buy clothes, shoes, and then accessories, for which they often have neither time nor money left. Therefore, stylists advise a more thoughtful approach to the choice of belts, bags, backpacks, jewelry, even sunglasses. Collect your own collection little by little, and then you can turn even the most boring “black and white” look into a stylish and fashionable image worthy of a model from the cover of a glossy magazine.

Myth 5: Basic wardrobe is expensive/cheap

When you make a list of items for your basic wardrobe, follow the rule: acquire the best of what your wallet can afford. However, do not go to extremes: if all of a sudden you are on sale, you don’t need to buy a lot of similar things just because they are sold at a discount. You should plan everything. If your lifestyle and business requires three shirts, a costume, several knee-length skirts and a pair of pants, then you shouldn’t buy twice as many things of lower quality, hoping to diversify your everyday look.

To check how many items you need, arrange a small experiment. Take a notebook and write down what you wear daily for two to three weeks. For example, a red dress and a black jacket on Monday; blue jeans, a white blouse and a black jacket on Tuesday…

By the end of the second week you will see a list of items you wear most often. If you wore skirts daily, and put on a dress only once, make appropriate conclusions. It is not worth spending a lot of money on the wardrobe. Only invest in the clothes that you wear all the time. Yes, it can be expensive. However, next year you will not regret that you bought yourself a high-quality skirt that looks perfect even after wearing it almost every day over the last 12 months.