The Ultimate Carry-on Travel Essentials

Ever see those women who seem to travel so effortlessly while you’re struggling to get comfortable or your carry-on is overflowing with so much stuff? Travelling is a bit of an art form – you want to make sure you’re completely organized (so no panicking at the front gate when you can’t find your passport), comfortable so you rest during your flight, and have enough products to look after your skin without overdoing it. Discover our carry-on packing list below and get ready for your best travelling experience yet.

Travel essentials checklist:

  1. Travel wallet – It goes without saying but your travel documents (passport, boarding pass and any itinerary) are the most important things to pack. Use a neat, streamlined travel wallet to contain everything in one place and tuck it into your carry-on.
  2. Sweater or scarf – Comfortable travel clothes are a must (who wants to feel restricted on a long-haul flight?). With air conditioning on airplanes, it can soon get cold so pack a small extra sweater or scarf you can put on if you’re feeling the chill. It’s also handy to have another layer if you’re arriving somewhere at night, or with a colder temperature.
  3. Face mist – Speaking of air conditioning, travelling on a plane can have drying effects on your skin. To combat this, pack a travel-sized, hydrating and refreshing mist that you can spritz throughout the flight. For the best face mist for flying, look for one with calming ingredients, such as Jurlique‘s Lavender Hydrating Mist.
  4. Hand cream – It’s not just the face – the skin on your hands can become dry quickly when you travel, too. Pack a small tube of Lavender Hand Cream and use after you wash your hands or whenever you need a hydrating boost.
  5. Lip balm – The last of your must-have travel beauty products is lip balm. Prevent dryness by regularly dabbing a small amount onto your lips using your ring finger.
  6. Clear toiletries bag – For efficiencies, keep your skincare products in one place with a toiletries bag, making sure it’s clear to prevent any hold-ups when you go through security.
  7. Phone charger – A phone charger is a must when you travel, especially if you’re meeting people or need to organize transport when you arrive at your destination. Most airports will have plugs for your charger – or pack a portable one if you want an alternative.
  8. Eye mask – The lights on airplanes can be bright and distracting, especially if you want to rest up during the flight. Put an eye mask into your carry-on to block out unwanted light and help you catch those z’s.
  9. Travel pillow – To help with that much-needed sleep (and as a welcome addition if you have a long layover), pack a travel pillow that will boost your comfort when flying.
  10. Sunglasses – Your eyes are the first places to show signs of tiredness if you don’t manage to get as much rest as you’d like when travelling. If all else fails, have a pair of sunglasses on hand to cover up once you land (plus, you might just get mistaken for a celeb).
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