How Can Parenting Impact the Growth of Healthy Hair?

Caring for yourself as well as your family can be a balancing act, particularly if you have unruly hair, however it is not impossible. With a number of leave-in products as well as specially designed hair tools, you can begin to care for your hair and grow healthy hair regardless of the number of children that you have. Here, we have compiled a list of the number of ways parenting can affect the growth of healthy hair, as well as how to prevent it.

Lack of Sleep

One of the biggest effects that parenting can have on your lifestyle is the lack of sleep. Whether this is getting up to young children or organising school lunches, lack of sleep can lead to your hair becoming damaged. Whether this is lack of nutrients or a change in diet due to this, hair loss in women is common for first-time mums and even families that have a large number of children as there is a vast amount of stress that can come along with being a parent.

Increased Stress

Being a parent is also a stressful process as there is a wide array of elements to consider. Whether this is organising lunches for school the next day, or washing and ironing school uniforms, this can all leave very little time for yourself and can lead to your hair becoming damaged, particularly if you are just scraping your hair into a ponytail as this can lead to damage such as split ends. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you find time for yourself, whether this is a shower in the evening when the kids have gone to bed, or a trip to the saloon when they are in school, this can keep you feeling great and looking great all year round.

Lack of Time

When looking after the family, it may seem as though you don’t have time to care for your hair, however, this is not the case. By simply combing wet hair and reducing the amount of styling that you are doing by using heat, your hair will thank you! In addition to this, adding product such as a leave-in conditioner can nourish the hair without waiting time. This is great for full-time mums as you can retain the natural shine of your hair, even when faced with a busy morning routine.

Applying Too Much Heat

In addition to this, using styling tools at high heat can cause damage to the hair. By opting for styling tools that limit the heat to your hair type, you can begin to style your hair as you wish without causing damage to your hair. This is essential when blow-drying the hair as allowing your hair to air dry will oftentimes benefit you more as it will save time and ensure that your hair retains moisture that is needed.

Whether you are an expecting mum, or you have another child on the way, there is no reason why you cannot begin to look after yourself and achieve the long flowing locks that you have always wanted. Where will you start?

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