Tips for Choosing a Reputable Tattoo Shop

You may have some excitement about your new tattoo and want to get it done quickly. Some people also make spontaneous decisions about tattoos. They may stop by a random shop on a night out with friends, for example. Tattoos done without planning may not turn out well. You can also encounter a business that doesn’t practice proper safety protocols. When you are ready for a new tattoo, look for a reputable shop and artist.


After some online research, visit a few tattoo shops to see how they conduct business. You can ask questions to find out more about the materials they use. Find out what brand of ink they use and do and look up information about it. Unregulated products may contain dangerous ingredients, such as metals and solvents. You have a right to know what is going into your body.

Needles should remain sealed in the packages until a new client is ready for a tattoo. Ask to see the needles in the packages before your tattoo session begins. Each person should also receive new pigment trays. If you can observe the artists working, you can learn more about their work ethic.


Tattoo artists cannot throw away all equipment. If the items are not for single use, proper sterilization must take place. Check to see if there is a sterilizing machine and find out if managers train staff to use it the right way. Tools must reach a certain temperature for a specific amount of time. Quality sterilization equipment, such as an autoclave, uses steam, heat, and pressure to kill bacteria and viruses.

The artists should also take precautions as they move from one client to the next. They should remove gloves and scrub their hands and arms before putting on new gloves. It is best to ask about these procedures before scheduling an appointment, otherwise you may end up disappointed on the day of your appointment.

Ask Questions

There is nothing wrong with asking a lot of questions. A tattoo is an invasive procedure that can expose you too many pathogens. The environment should remain sterile. Ask about cleaning procedures for each station, safety protocol, and sterilization of tools. A reputable tattoo shop has nothing to hide. They should offer information about these topics if they want to bring in new customers. Visit the professionals at Hand of Glory Tattoo Shop to find out more about the tattoo experience.


There are different laws throughout the country that deal with age limits for tattoos. Learn about the laws in your state before you visit the tattoo shop. Make sure the shop follows the laws, as well. If they are willing to give tattoos to underage consumers, then they may also ignore other important safety factors. Take your business elsewhere.

A tattoo is a big decision. The procedure is dangerous if not performed properly. You risk getting an infection or serious disease is equipment is not sterile. You can find a reputable tattoo shop by searching online reviews, visiting the shop, and asking questions. Most quality shops are happy to talk to you about the procedure and their safety protocols.

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