Falling in Love Is a Big Stress

How many times have you fallen in love? It turns out that the less often – the better. The body of those who often fall in love repeatedly experiences severe stress, undermining its immune resources.


The Daily Mail reports that the feeling of love in its physical manifestation was analyzed by Professor Martin Cowie and his colleagues from Imperial College London. According to Professor Cowie, the human body tends to change under the influence of emotions, and love also finds expression in how the internal organs begin to work. The scientists warn that their condition is affected by all the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, so the period of falling in love and its ​​collisions could harm the health.

The experts explain how wretched lovers can suffer physically: the eye pupils dilate, palms are sweating, and the heart rate increases. Blood receives a huge amount of adrenaline, which negatively affects the body.

According to the scientists, the lovers’ diseases are similar to those caused by stress. These diseases often imitate the common infections.

Professor Martin Cowie says that a large number of people have been addressing their doctors recently, complaining of the ailment symptoms, similar to flu. However, these diseases are caused by stress.

The expert says that people need to understand that their emotional problems have an effect on health. Ignoring this fact, they only worsen their health. It is known, for example, that widowers face a 50% higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to Cowey, men find it a lot harder to cope with the loss of a loved one, than women.

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