Blue Eyes Mean Talent & Intelligence

Blue eyes indicate that their owner might be talented in some area. The U.S. researchers have found that cornflower blue eyes are responsible for high development.


According to the staff of the University of Louisville, blue-eyed people experience more successful self-realization as compared to the people with dark eyes. In particular, the scientists believe that the blue-eyed are more successful in their studies, in their professional activity, they can easily win other people’s hearts and are more talented.

Also, as noted by Professor Joanna Rowe, who led the research, blue-eyed people are luckier to achieve much more impressive performance in sports, such as hockey and golf. The researchers have found out that these people have highly developed strategic thinking.

The scientists do not know yet, why blue-eyed people cope with everything better. Commenting on the results of their work, Joanna Rowe says they cannot explain this phenomenon, but she believes in its plausibility.

Scientists remind that we get our eye color as a result of a complex genetic match, and it is not directly inherited from parents.

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