Invisible Eyeliner Makeup Trend

Transparent arrows are a fresh makeup trend that will appeal to minimalism fans. Let’s talk about the invisible eyeliner makeup trend.

Black arrows are a timeless classic that seems to be going on forever. This fall, you can turn a little to the side. The bloggers who have come up with a new trend in social networks offer to draw them… with concealer.

They clearly demonstrate that the foundation, which we are used to applying in order to mask pimples and dark circles, is more multifunctional than we thought before. With it, you can easily create the very “makeup without makeup”, which looks very impressive on the skin of any shade.

The main advantage of transparent arrows is visual eye lifting. By the way, the arrows fit perfectly into the fox eyeliner trend – a set of procedures, makeup techniques and even photographic poses to create almond-shaped eyes.

One of the main advantages of the trend is its simplicity. Any person can draw transparent arrows, even if he is far from being a makeup artist. It seems that the torment with black or colored eyeliner, which spreads under the eyes with an unpleasant bruise, has remained in the past for some time. Drawing with concealer is much easier: it is easily erased, which means you can try it an infinite number of times. There is no risk of getting stained.

To draw transparent arrows, find your perfect shade. Makeup artists advise choosing a color similar to your natural skin color but a little lighter. The match doesn’t have to be exact. Otherwise, the effect won’t work.

A brush is also of great importance: a flat one is best. Draw with concealer on the lower and upper eyelids two lines that form the shape of a wing and converge at one point (as in the case of the classic arrow). Yet do not fill the space between the lines with anything: your natural skin color is your eyeliner. Just lightly blend the lines to make them look more natural.

For a sheer eyeliner that looks crisp and doesn’t smudge, apply a finishing powder directly over your makeup. It will help to consolidate the result.

By the way, concealer is not the only option to be in trend. You can find many variations in makeup artists’ accounts: arrows can be made with a white pencil, with brown shadows or eyeliner.

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