Cinnamon Prevents Diabetes

High blood sugar level is known to cause diabetes and mental decline. Until recently, the doctors have recommended the following types of reducing blood sugar to the normal amount: a healthy diet, a reasonable life style, exercises in moderation, avoidance of unnecessary worry and stress. During a recent study, the scientists have added cinnamon to this list. It was found that plain cinnamon could effectively regulate blood sugar.


The experts reached this conclusion after the experiment, which involved thirty volunteers. They ate two bowls of oatmeal. One portion was normal, while the other one was spiced with a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Having studied the volunteers’ blood tests 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after the meal, the researchers found that the average blood sugar level in those who had eaten the porridge with cinnamon was significantly lower than in those, who had eaten plain oatmeal.