Wearable Health Gadget Omsignals

The trick of wearing gadgets that help us talk to people, update our social statuses and create our own music on our body is surely growing on us. The technologies allowing us to do that (and many more things soon, probably) are being developed by the day. It goes for OMsignal, who are working on a wonderful shirt resembling Fibit in a way. The OMsignal’s smart shirt that is now under development is first of all an excellent fitness device fit with a 3-axis accelerometer that takes stock of calories, steps, movements, and collects medical information of the electrical heart signature (ECG) and the rhythm of your breathing.


That’s basic, and of course OMsignal can do more than that. It is in touch with your emotions and can show you what feelings inhabit your soul at any given moment. As soon as you activate your Bluetooth connection, you can get the graphic charts of your biological state from the app in the shirt on the display, reading your stress patterns, the level of relaxation and emotional picture.



Since the shirt is still being improved, it isn’t on sale yet, we will have to wait for this cool technology apparel which will come as shirts and bras.