How Much Sugar a Day Is Too Much?

Do we need to worry about a piece of cake eaten at dinner? How harmful to the body are fast carbohydrates, which are believed to be the reason for extra pounds? Australian scientists have calculated the proportions, in which fast carbohydrates are harmless.

Woman Eating a Cake

The media joke that the people, who like white rice and baking, can finally give a sigh of relief. According to the report of the experts from the Australian university, if the fast carbohydrates are no more than 50% of the daily norm of carbohydrates for human consumption, the risk of becoming a victim of diabetes, heart diseases or cancer is not higher than in other people.

In other words, you can eat a piece of cake without worrying about the waist, provided that you eat other foods with moderation. The nutritionists recommend the following amount of carbohydrate foods: one serving of refined carbohydrates per day is allowed, but other meals should provide carbohydrates only from whole grains.