5 Common Myths about What’s Harmful And What’s Not

Most of us are accustomed to believing in everything we hear from the older generation, completely forgetting that it is necessary to question everything that can be checked and clarified quickly. Sometimes these tests lead to unexpected results. Most often, everything is a lie or a partial truth, a plain attempt to intimidate.


1. Stamps

Many people remember the days when letters were sent in envelopes and required stamps glued in the corner. In the 1920s, it was thought that licking the back side of a stamp is very dangerous as you can gain a lot of harmful bacteria. However, life refutes this theory.

2. Public toilets

With public toilets, the situation is still serious. Most people firmly believe in the danger of the place. Everyone is afraid of catching some terrible incurable disease. We are not even talking about sitting down on a toilet bowl. Many even try not to touch the door handle. In fact, there is no danger there, and no deadly virus will penetrate the body from a toilet. The point is mere disgust.

3. A TV-set

Time passes, but the situation has not changed yet. Everybody still believes in the incredible radiation, emitted by TV sets and computer monitors, and tries to protect themselves with a cactus. Put the flower back on the windowsill.

4. Clothing

Back in 1901, the scientists found that people breathe using lungs and the skin. Later, there appeared a version that a dense “non-breathing” fabric is dangerous to health. You may feel uncomfortable in such clothes, but you are not going to suffocate in them.

5. A chewing gum

In childhood we repeatedly hear from parents that swallowing a chewing gum is totally inacceptable. It is dangerous to life and health. What if it clogs the intestines? You should not be afraid, it will not stay inside you longer than needed.

And lots of people still believe that eating pizza causes acne.

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