18 Healthy Life Rules by David Agus

David Agus is a doctor with a worldwide reputation. His most famous patient was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who died a few years ago because he had not been following the advice of his competent medical guru. This doctor, who became literally an icon of the Silicon Valley engineers, has his own secrets of long life without disease and suffering.


Doctor David Agus, aged 51, is the highest-paid physician in the Silicon Valley. In addition to his achievements, he is known for being the promoter of a healthy lifestyle. David Agus is not guilty of Steve Jobs’ passing away at the age of 56. The doctor repeatedly urged his famous patient to remove the cancerous tumor, but self-willed and uncompromising Steve did not want to follow his advice.

Now, however, Dr. Agus’ opinion is carefully listened to by well-known politicians and pop stars, financiers, engineers and programmers. This doctor has established himself as the best specialist in the field of healthy lifestyle in the United States. Relying on his practice and knowledge, he developed a set of rules that must be followed if you want to live a long and happy life.

Geniusbeauty.com would like to share several immutable rules of Steve Jobs’ physician on how to prevent cancer and chose ten of the most interesting recommendations among them:

  • Drinking caffeinated drinks should be controlled. Firstly, caffeine must come to the body only from natural products, that is from coffee and solid tea leaves. Secondly, not more than one or two cups of coffee and tea per day should be present in the diet. But do not underestimate the benefits of caffeine: a complete rejection of it is harmful rather than helpful. After all, caffeine is a natural stimulant for the nervous system; in small doses, it is very useful for the body, according to Agus.
  • Live with a smile. A simple smile – even with no evident reason – sends signals to the body that endorphins and serotonin should be produced in the brain. These hormones can help cope with stress best of all.
  • You do not need to overload yourself excessively with long workouts at the gym several times a week. If you want the body to work well on a daily basis, it is enough to give it a load, which would speed up the heart rate by 50% of the normal rate for 15 minutes. If your office or apartment is located on the top floor, going upstairs would be the best workout. If you work or live not too high, set a rule to begin each day with morning exercises for about 15 minutes. This would be sufficient for the stable performance of the body.
  • It is necessary to monitor your pulse, blood pressure and physical activity. Use modern technology to measure these parameters. It makes sense to treat fitness trackers and heart rate monitors with due consideration.
  • Introduce fish days in your schedule. During the week, it is necessary to have three fish dishes on your table. Such a rule in your diet can help the heart and brain to work better and more efficiently. It would be ideal to get red fish, such as salmon or trout.
  • One glass of red wine at dinner would be an excellent prevention of the cardiovascular system diseases.
  • It makes sense to drink low doses of aspirin a few times during the week. This medicine can help prevent stroke and heart attack, when taken in small quantities. Also, scientists have evidence that the children, receiving aspirin regularly, can reduce the risk of death from cancer. However, we do not fully agree with this advice. On the one hand, there are natural blood-thinning remedies. And on the other hand, each drug has side-effects.
  • Be sure to have breakfast. Do not skip breakfast, no matter what happens.
  • Stick to the rules of good hygiene, which do not only imply brushing the teeth and undergoing regular water procedures. Your bedding should also be impeccably clean.
  • Try to wear very comfortable shoes, give up wearing high heels. Wear the best shoes that you can afford.
  • Have a dog at home. It will be an incentive for you to go out for a walk twice a day.
  • Do not take chemist’s vitamins and nutritional supplements. They can be called useless. Besides, there is even evidence that a regular intake of vitamin complexes increases your chances of premature death.
  • Eat organic foods. Let it be meat rather than sausage, fish rather than canned foods, vegetables rather than salads. The rule is simple: the less treatment the product undergoes, the more useful this product is going to be for the body.
  • Do not drink a lot of juice. Measure is needed everywhere. For example, if you eat ten oranges at a time, it’s unlikely to be useful for the organism. Drinking the juice, which is equivalent to the same number of oranges, we do not notice the “overdose”. You have to understand that a liter of juice during the day is too much for the body. Therefore, Dr. Agus does not recommend buying juice at all.
  • Try to treat everything positively. This attitude actually works.
  • Try not to get burned. We notice only the visible damage caused by burns, but it is more serious.
  • Avoid contact with X-ray machines. This is especially true of airports.
  • Learn meditation. You can meditate even in the office. It is very useful.

Another great tip is to walk as much as you can. because even yoga is not always beneficial to your health.

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