7 Food & Skin Health Myths

Almost everything is known about the connection between food and skin condition, but there are a lot of myths concerning this issue. And here are the most common ones.


1. Pizza causes acne

In fact, fatty foods, such as pizza, are unlikely to have a major effect on the health of the skin, if it is fatty on its own. However, this is not the reason to abandon moderation in diet.

2. All fatty foods have a negative impact on your skin

Fatty foods, like avocados, have a controversial reputation. In fact, this fruit contains healthy fats that are significantly more likely to strengthen the skin than to damage it. The same applies to the fat contained in nuts.

3. Bread and pasta are harmless to skin

In reality, refined sugar contained in white bread, pasta and other carbohydrates contributes to acne.

4. Dairy products make skin oily

Cheese and other dairy products are practically harmless to the skin health of most people. You should refrain from milk and dairy products only if you are suffering from lactose immunity.

5. Coffee is good for the skin

By itself, coffee will not cause you any harm. However, dehydration occurs when using large amounts of coffee. So do not forget to drink water between drinking coffee.

6. Alcohol spoils your skin

Long-term consumption of alcohol is harmful to the skin. But in the short-term perspective and with the right amount of water, alcohol is not so destructive.

7. Chocolate causes pimples

Chocolate does not affect the purity of the skin. It’s not chocolate, but the sugar contained there. In dark chocolate with 60% cocoa and higher sugar level, it is significantly lower than in milk or white chocolate. Therefore, dark chocolate is practically harmless for the skin.