New British Trend: Nude Weddings

UK authorities are going to permit nude weddings, where bride and groom, as well all their guests and relatives, may be present without any clothes on. However, such peculiar weddings can only be carried out indoors.


British naturists are going to celebrate the long-awaited victory – the authorities are going to allow nude weddings; it requires a revision of the law on marriage. It has already been largely revised by David Cameron’s government, when Britain legalized same-sex marriages. Gay marriages were allowed in 2013, and at the same time, the Government stated that it would consider other innovations.

We now know that these innovations concern nude weddings. Many nudists and simply liberated citizens dream about getting married without a tail coat, a white dress and a veil. Until recently, naturists could arrange only simulated wedding ceremonies somewhere indoors. The people, who are authorized to register marriages under the current legislation, cannot participate in these ceremonies, even if they themselves were nudists.

Now, nude wedding ceremonies are completely legal. Moreover, the authorities will allow other forms of extreme marriage ceremonies, including weddings in the air, with parachutes, or on the beach. The people who are getting married are currently allowed to officially register the relationship only in the church or in a special registration office. Nude weddings can be held at home, in hotels and similar establishments. Some fashion experts call this innovation the most powerful intervention of the state in the matters of fashion over the past 300 years.