Do Not Give up Dieting if It Was Successful

Sooner or later, many dieters ask the question whether it is possible to abandon the restrictions on food after attaining the result. Most experts give a negative answer.


Most licensed dietitians and nutritionists do not consider it possible to abandon the diet for people who have managed to achieve their result, i.e. to lose weight. After all, if they abandon the restrictions in food intake, the lost pounds will definitely come back.

That is why a diet that a person chooses for himself should be realistic and convenient, so that one could keep to it for many years. This is what makes the so-called crash diets bad, when they imply something similar to starvation. On the one hand, they let you lose weight fast enough, but on the other hand, one cannot stick to them for too long. This means that people will return to the usual diet and will gain weight again.

The ideal diet should be healthy, balanced and easy to follow in the long run. The success of such a diet depends not only on the set of products, but also on the technology used by dieter for weight control. Perhaps, they count points, calories, evaluate the balance of protein and carbohydrates, or the number of meals per day. In any case, if this mode has led to success, it should be further observed.

Nutritionists usually give 6 recommendations for the success of any diet. One should eat breakfast, include healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables in the diet, get rid of the tempting foods, such as sweets, not to starve, to exercise regularly and get weighed regularly.

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