12 Affordable Baking Tricks & Lifehacks

Baking is a very delicate matter for any housewife. You always want to bake something perfectly well without burning it. Use these tips and surprise your guests with a masterpiece baked with the help of simple home remedies and at no extra cost.

1. Homemade confectionery syringe from a plain package

A confectionery syringe will not be found in every household. But if you need it, take a tight plastic bag and put the cream in it. You can cut off a corner of this package and make the edge ribbed, so the cream will also come out ribbed. Alternatively, you can simply make an incision to get a simple patch of cream.

2. Checking with a toothpick if the baking is ready

In order to find out if your baking is prepared, pierce it with a toothpick or a skewer. This way you will get the correct answer about the readiness of your pastry. If the dough does not stick to the toothpick, the cake is ready.

3. A hanger will keep the recipes in front of your eyes

If you act old-fashioned and use a recipe from a book or magazine, take a plainclothes hanger and attach the magazine to it with clothespins. The magazine will remain intact and unharmed, and the recipe will be in front of your eyes.

4. Warm and cold knives for optimal cutting of desserts

It is recommended to cut hot desserts with a cold knife, having pre-cooled it in the freezer. But if you need to cut cold desserts, take a warm knife, heating it in warm water.

5. Fast chocolate curls and shavings

Chocolate curls and shavings are a popular ingredient for decorating or filling desserts. To quickly get them, take a potato peeler and scrape a chocolate bar.

6. Flour and cinnamon help avoid burning nuts and raisins in the stove

When we add nuts or raisins to our baking, they often burn. To avoid this, pre-roll them in flour or cinnamon and then add to the dough.

7. Dental floss instead of a knife

To cut desserts, dental floss can come in handy. It will cut any consistency and will not displace the layers.

8. If necessary, the foil will make a large baking tray smaller

If you do not have many baking trays, do not get distressed: you will need just one! Shorten the baking tray as required with foil and shape its new sides.

9. Hot glass will soften butter perfectly well

If you forgot to take the butter out of the refrigerator beforehand, do not worry! It can quickly be softened. Cut the butter into small pieces, put them on a plate and cover them with a hot jar or a glass. After just 5 minutes, you can add soft butter to the dough.

10. Salt will not let the dough burn in the oven

For your pastry not to burn, put a baking tray under the mold with your dough and spread some salt on it. You can also put a frying pan with water under the mold.

11. The glass is better than metal

When baking, it is better to use glassware. Thus, you can rely not only on the wooden skewers inside but also see the outer side of the dough due to the transparency of the glass.

12. Dexterous relocation of dough sheets

If you need to move a dough sheet onto the baking tray and are afraid of tearing it, roll the dough onto a rolling pin, then move it to the baking tray and unfold it from the rolling pin.

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