100% Waterproof Arcticdry Socks

Although Indian summer has already come to many cities, autumn is just around the corner. This season will bring much entertainment, ranging from mushroom hunting and the closure of the cottage season to slush, ever-wet feet, and SARS. The following novelty has arrived just in time for the wet season: 100% waterproof socks. This is what we really need.

Do you like fishing, jogging in the mornings or bicycling around the city in any weather? Then you can easily catch a cold that enters the body with wet feet and reaches the very throat. This problem will be solved once and for all if you wear a pair of special waterproof socks. The new product is called ArcticDry and allows you to get engaged in any activity even in torrential rain. The feet will remain dry.

The socks for fans of active lifestyles will keep your feet warm and completely protected from moisture, but at the same time they will allow the skin to breathe. It sounds too ambitious to be true. But the manufacturer insists on the product quality. The unique three-layer fabric structure of spandex, nylon, and patented Coolmax material is supposed to provide all these properties. It sounds similar to a superhero costume. Maybe it is these socks that are hidden under the tall boots of Deadpool or Spiderman.

ArcticDry socks are ideal for cyclists, fishermen and just fans of running in sneakers in winter, and they are already available on sale. However, the price of ArcticDry is slightly surprising and can reach up to 20 euros. Well, what else can be expected from superhero socks?

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