6 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

A heart attack is one of the main causes of early death in the modern world. Unfortunately, this ailment can approach you unnoticed. However, shortly before the tragedy, our body sends us signals that can not be ignored.

We have already written about the common symptoms of an impending heart attack. It turned out that in women they appear differently than in men. Here are the 6 signs that everyone should know in order to prevent the trouble.

Pain in the back, jaw and arms

These signs are widespread among women. They often mislead representatives of the fair sex because heart attacks are associated primarily with pain in the chest or in the left arm rather than in the neck or jaw. The pain can be progressive, aching, acute or sudden; it can wake you up in the middle of the night. That’s why any unusual symptoms should be consulted with the doctor as soon as possible.

Stomach problems, pain, nausea

The signals about a future heart attack can be confused with the signs of food poisoning, flu or severe heartburn. Sometimes women experience tension in the abdominal area, which they often compare to the feeling that “the elephant is sitting on the stomach.”

Cold sweat

Cold sweat is a very common symptom among women. It seems to patients that it is somehow connected with stress or worrying. However, if you haven’t had similar symptoms before, you should see a specialist.

Breathing problems for no apparent reason

This is a true companion of a heart attack, especially if it is observed together with other signs. The women, who have survived a heart attack, say that they felt like after a marathon without even moving.

Constant fatigue

If you feel extreme fatigue even after a long rest and cannot perform simple actions (for example, reach the bathroom), this is an alarming signal. The change in endurance and the ability to perform various exercises should also alert you. When you suddenly lose your breath after one flight of stairs, though earlier you easily reached the fifth floor, this is the reason to think about the health of the cardiovascular system.

Pressure and chest pain

Pain in the chest, discomfort, burning, and the feeling that the chest was crushed by a heavy load – all these symptoms manifest themselves regardless of sex. But some women experience pain not on the left side of the chest, but in the whole of its area. If pain or squeezing are not relieved within a few minutes, you should immediately call your doctor.

Note that these signs do not guarantee an early heart attack. However, their combination, as well as the frequent occurrence of the same symptoms, is a sufficient reason to consult specialists. Timely medical care can save lives. Take care of yourself!

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