Xiaomi MiJia: Wireless Dust Mite Cleaner

The universe of devices for smart home Xiaomi MiJia has replenished with another high-tech device called MiJia Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner, which provides high-quality reliable protection of the home from dirt, bacteria, and small, but dangerous to health dust mites.

The new MiJia Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner is not only capable of sucking up dust with a high power of up to 12 kPa, but is also equipped with a triple filtration system (perforated steel filter, HEPA filter, and absorbent activated carbon filter), an ultraviolet lamp to kill bacteria and a large-size suction brush (20 cm).

According to the developers, MiJia Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner is capable of UV-C sterilization and disinfection using ultraviolet rays, which can kill up to 99% of bacteria and 90% of mites.

The new vacuum cleaner has 5 operating modes, including surface treatment with hot air at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. The triple filtration system is easy to dismantle and washable with water. The device is powered by a cable from the socket.

MiJia Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner is currently priced at $77.

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