What Do The Royals Eat for Dinner?

What recipes do the representatives of the royal family choose when it comes to dinner? We are going to tell you what dishes are cooked or ordered by the women from the Windsor dynasty.

The royals tend to employ professional chefs, although some cook for their families themselves. It is known that the Duchess of Cambridge engages her three kids to work in the kitchen, the Countess of Wessex can easily handle groceries not only at home, but also in volunteer centers, and the Duchess of Cornwall grows her own fruit and vegetables with her husband in Highgrove. But what dishes do they like the most?

The Queen

Many people dream of being in the place of the monarch and having at least one dinner in the palace. But how do royal chefs create the menu for Her Majesty? Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady told HELLO! that the Queen is sent a preliminary weekly menu written in French. It comes in a red leather cover and contains a variety of recipes.

The menu is prepared three days before the meal. As the main course, the queen loved games such as Gaelic steak, sirloin steak with mushroom whiskey sauce.

For her first course, she liked Gleneagle Pâté, which consists of smoked salmon, trout, and mackerel. She loved it when the ingredients from her estate were used, and so if the chef had Balmoral salmon from the River Dee, she would definitely approve of it – it’s one of her favorite foods.

McGrady and his team also had a variety of recipes, mostly British and French. They cooked a lot of traditional French food, such as halibut over spinach with Mornay sauce.

Duchess Camilla

It is known that the Duchess of Cornwall is a talented culinary specialist. She has always preferred hearty British food. Former royal chef Carolyn Robb told Racked about the owners of Clarence House that they have always been very frugal and thrifty. From the leftovers of dinner (for example, lamb), you could easily prepare a dish for another evening (for example, a shepherd’s pie).

Camilla’s son, Tom Parker Bowles, became a renowned culinary writer and often used childhood memories as a source of inspiration.

He revealed in The Big Issue that when he was little, his mom made a chicken casserole for dinner, local butcher steaks, baked salmon, pies, and once a week they had fried chicken for dinner.

Duchess Catherine

Prince William’s wife may look glamorous in public, but the list of dishes she cooks at home is typical of any British family. These are pasta, stir-fry, curry, and some other Indian food. Catherine has repeatedly mentioned that she is a fan of spicy food.

Fried chicken is another popular dish in the family of the future heir to the throne.

Princess Eugenie

The daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is known for her love of recipes from around the world. At their wedding reception with Jack Brooksbank, a wide variety of treats with the couple’s sentimental references were presented.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple’s guests were served Argentine beef in memory of Eugenie’s grandmother, Susan Barrantes, rice dishes from Nicaragua, where Jack proposed to Her Highness, and pancakes from Switzerland, symbolizing Verbier, where the future spouses met while skiing.

As for dining out, Eugenie once told Harper’s Bazaar: Her two favorite restaurants in London are Bocca di Lupo and Palomar in Soho.

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