Terraplanter: Grow Plants Without Soil

In the conditions of modern megacities, many people have a desire to engage in growing plants at home. Innovative hydroponic systems can be a promising future for urban gardening. Terraplanter Technology, developed by enthusiasts from a New York startup, uses special pots for hydroponics and allows growing various plants in urban environments.

When cultivating plants in urban apartments, you no longer need to look for boxes, soil or fertilizers. The basis of the Terraplanter technology is the use of special pots made of ceramics, allowing plants to develop freely.

A special relief or porous design of Terraplanter pot walls will allow you to hold seeds, spores or roots of plants on their surface without using soil. Inside, the pot supplies water saturated with nutrients and fertilizers. Penetrating through pores in the pot walls, moisture provides plants with all the substances necessary for growth.

The Terraplanter project is hosted on the Kickstarter platform and has received almost $6.4 million (although the target was $20,000) to implement the idea of a startup team that promises to start delivering home systems at a price of $59 from October 2020.

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