Bandanas Are Trendy Again

If you dislike fishing hats, another trendy accessory from the noughties will save you from the sun.

This season, designers seem to be offering nothing new. They just masterfully revive the trends of the nineties and the noughties. Fashionistas are wearing bandanas now: this accessory is distinguished from scarfs by a triangular shape (which often results from folding a square scarf in half).

You can learn how to wear bandanas from the stars of the 2000s (for example, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce danced in them), or you can learn from modern ones – for example, Justin Bieber and Rihanna love bandanas.

A bandana may well be considered a universal accessory. Today we will tell you how to create several images with a bandana, using the accessory, not for its intended purpose.

A tie

Everything is simple here, but at the same time original. Use a bandana like a tie, leaving the ends to fall over your clothes. This is a good way to diversify and refresh summer office images.

A bag handle

You can wrap the handle of a dark bag with a bandana, making it more summer-like (in this case, it is better to choose bright or pastel shades). Or just tie a bandana in a knot to make the look lighter.

A top

You can tie a bandana over the shirt and fit it in the form of a top. To do this, the bandana needs to be turned upside down with a sharp end and secured with the help of a ribbon or chain on the neck. This option is perfect at a resort (or for a photoshoot). Complement your bandana with a skirt or high-waisted pants.

A bracelet

Make familiar accessories more diverse: a bandana can be tied to the wrist. Feel free to add watches, bracelets or rings. By the way, the accessory can be tied to the ankle and worn with skirts or shortened trouser models.

A hair clip

Decorate your hairstyle with a bright bandana: you can tie it as a rim, weave it in a braid or decorate a bun. There are many options, but the main thing is to preserve slight negligence.

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