Sun Seeking Flowerpot Plantbot

Sun Seeking Flowerpot PlantbotI’ve got several plants at home. Some of them are flowering now – four violets, one something resembling Calla and even Basil, which I normally use when preparing food. I love flowers, as they make my day, lift my mood, I like watching my plants grow and become greener and more beautiful every day. And I like great ideas that make it better for the flowers to “live” at one’s home, so to say captive, such as the gadget I’m going to tell you about – Plantbot, a flowerpot that seeks sun. You may watch how it moves by itself below.

Plantbot is a robotized stand for a flowerpot. It moves by itself about the room seeking for the best, the sunniest zone. It also turns to different sides to make the plant feel maximum comfort and get maximum sunshine.

PLantbot Moving

The only problem the gadget could cause – it may seriously scare your pet.

Sun Seeking Flowerpot Plantbot

And this is what makes the Plantbot move:

Sun Seeking Flowerpot Plantbot Mechanism

I wish there was a gadget that could water my flowers when I’m abroad for a week of two, but I haven’t found one yet.

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