Can’t Lose Weight? Blame It on the Weather!

Rainy Weather in LondonBritish dieticians claim that the lack of vitamin D, which the body produces from sunlight, prevents us from losing excessive weight. They are convinced that the epidemic of obesity that struck the country is the overall result of predominant rainy and foggy weather. The representatives of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland organized a study involving 3100 women. The research revealed a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and excessive weight.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

The levels of vitamin D in obese woman was 10% lower than in women with normal weight. The researchers believe that low levels of vitamin D in the body inhibits the formation of the so-called “satiety hormone”, leptin. Leptin deficiency in its turn causes systematic overeating. This leads to the never-ending vicious circle when superfluous fat tissue absorbs deficient vitamin D, preventing it from getting into the blood.

Where to Get Vitamin D?

What to do when “English” weather is outside the window? Try to enrich your daily diet with this sunny vitamin. Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, and especially halibut or cod liver), yolks, milk and butter are all a good source of vitamin D.

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