Understanding The Ways In Which Your Metabolism Affects Weight Loss

A slim and toned body is something which is genuinely desired by all. In case you’re having a hard time shedding down some of the extra fat on your body, you might want to have an understanding of your metabolism affects your body weight.

Metabolism is linked to all the chemical reactions in your body. Your metabolism depends on the gender, dietary habits, the rate at which you burn the calories you intake per day, and also your health conditions. This article will enlighten you about a few factors that affect your metabolism and body weight.

Resting Metabolic Rate/RMR

Resting metabolic rate refers to the metabolism taking place when your body is in a resting state. In simpler words, the calories you burn while just sitting around idly is called RMR. In fact, RMR is the constituent which defines your weight gain or weight loss. Your RMR and weight loss are directly proportional, which means, that you will lose weight if your RMR is high and vice versa.

There are several online RMR calculators available on various websites. But if you want to calculate your RMR accurately, you can use the RMR calculator at GIGAcalculator.com.

What you eat and in what quantity affects your body weight

If you often skip your breakfast and then stuff food at the end of the day, you probably have already sabotaged your metabolism rate. You need to divide your meal properly at proper intervals of time. Eating a lot in the nights and skipping your breakfast might tamper your body’s ability to carry out the metabolic activities, leading to metabolism dysfunction, ending up with a gain in body weight.

According to a famous saying, do your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a servant. This is the key to proper functioning of metabolism and reducing the chances of weight gain.

Do not intake a lot of simple carbs

Simple carbs like, donuts, crackers and bread can also slow down your metabolism rate. It is a fact that more intake of simple carbs makes your body secrete more insulin which, in turn, encourages it to slow down the process of metabolism and also store fats.

A large intake of simple carbs on a daily basis can result in slowing down of your weight loss and might elevate the chances of diabetes.

More protein means boosted metabolism

The intake of high protein food can accelerate the process of metabolism and can also result in swift weight loss. Moreover, it increases the rate of calories you burn on a daily basis. People having a protein-rich diet tend to have higher RMR than those who lack proteins in their diet.

As said earlier, RMR is directly proportional to weight loss and including protein in your diet can help you shed those extra kilograms.

More muscle, higher metabolism

This is the reason why males have higher metabolic rates than females. Muscles tend to encourage your body to burn more and more fat even when it’s in rest. Thus, you should incorporate exercising in your daily routine to reduce your body weight swiftly.

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