Your Ring Protection Plan: How to Care for an Intricate Wedding Ring

So your honey did well and surprised you with a gorgeous and intricate wedding ring. Activate your ring protection plan with these care tips.

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re now the proud owner of a unique, gorgeous, and sparkling ring!

If you’re newly engaged, you’re probably not used to wearing a ring. You might be wondering how to care for your ring and keep from losing it.
If you’re thrilled with your ring but a little bit nervous about owning something so expensive, this article’s for you. We’ll give you the inside scoop about ring care, including how to find a good ring protection plan.

How to Clean Your Ring

Even if your engagement ring is new, it could get dirty very quickly. If you see that your diamond looks cloudy or dirty, it’s time to clean that sparkler.

Whether you’ve got a white gold ring or a semi-precious stone like emerald, you can clean your ring at home. Take about five drops of dishwashing liquid, add it to warm water, and soak your ring overnight.

The next day, brush your ring gently with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

Do You Need a Ring Protection Plan?

Do you need to insure your ring? The answer is “definitely.” You should be able to add your wedding ring to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
You should always insure your engagement ring, but don’t forget to insure your wedding rings. This is doubly true for custom wedding rings.

If you’ve got a shiny stone platinum ring with strong prongs, the chances of the diamond falling out are slim. Check the prongs on your ring regularly to make sure your diamond isn’t loose.


The average cost of white gold engagement rings is $3,000, but the cost of gold tends to increase year over year.

Make sure you’re getting your ring appraised every few years. If you were to lose it, you want to have the true value registered with your insurance.
The value of your ring could also increase depending on popular styles. Right now, minimalist gold rings are trending, and wooden rings are also on trend.

Platinum never goes out of style, and semi-precious stones are becoming more popular engagement ring choices.

If your custom ring is from an online store, ask them for documentation on your diamond.

How to Keep Your Ring Safe

Your best move is to sign up for a ring protection plan right away. But how can you make sure your ring doesn’t get lost?

There are a few key moves that will help you secure your ring. Never wear your ring to the beach because it’s too easy to lose it in the water.
When you go out for dinner and you wash your hands, don’t take off your ring. Too many brides lose their rings in restaurant restrooms and never recover them.

Establish a routine with your ring. If you take it off at night, try to put it in the same place every time. Invest in a ring dish so you’ll always know where it is.

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