The Difference Lies in the Details – Cultivating Your Passion for Fashion

The way you choose to dress is how you present yourself to the world, it can have quite the impact on how you are perceived, regardless if it’s in a social setting, a professional or a formal one. While you might pay attention to the clothing items you put on, it’s often the details that make all the difference and can differentiate a good assembly from a dull or uninspired one. If you have decided that it’s time to put in a bit more effort into your style, and cultivate your love for fashion further, getting a few tips on the matter might count. Here are some useful things you should look into, when you are trying to step up your fashion game:

Forget color coordination rules

Want to wear a pink jacket with a yellow dress? Go for it! Sticking to conventional color coordination rules will only limit your fashion playfulness and prevent you from creating looks that actually represent your personality and might look great on you. Putting together shades that might not actually work, from a standard point of view, could bring amazing results to the table. Although you shouldn’t be wearing more than 3 different color tones, if you stick to this number, you can combine the shades of your choice without any problems.

Give up on dull choices – embrace patterns

While plain clothing items might be easier to match, they don’t give your appearance that “wow” factor you might be currently targeting. The same t-shirt will look instantly cooler and more inspiring if you buy it in a unique pattern. Nowadays, the market has such a wide selection of amazing fashion pieces, that you can come across styles that suit your taste and also allow you to look great in your outfits. When you are shopping, you should, first of all, make sure the items you buy are of excellent quality (this is one of the fashion golden rules you should never overlook), and then, second of all, seek unique patterns and styles. An interesting print on an otherwise basic dress, for example, will make you look better dressed and help you develop an ensemble that actually stands out, instead of going unnoticed. From geometrical patterns to floral and text prints, bring into your wardrobe more elements that are out of the ordinary.

Go for an unconventional choice of footwear

Think about what you would normally choose for an outfit in the footwear department, and go in the opposite direction. Making unconventional choices, when you are putting on shoes, can totally shift your look and give your appearance that interesting and unique feel. Let’s say you are trying out a dress that you usually wear with high heels – swap the heels for a pair of cool sneakers, and you have yourself a casual, yet chic look you can wear on both a night out and during the day. A pair of stilettos with jeans and a white t-shirt is also a great combo. An unusual option from time to time can actually improve your style more than you would think, even if it might feel wrong at first.

Opt for cross-body bags

If you look into the latest fashion trends, you will see that cross-body bags are highly popular at the moment, and for a good reason. They are cute, practical and can make your outfit far more stylish and appealing. Opting for this type of bag will not only give you the chance to upgrade your entire ensemble, but you will also feel more comfortable walking around, without having a handbag inconveniencing you. Wear it to the front of your outfit to show it off, for an even more interesting effect.

Layering is always a good idea

When in doubt, add more layers. A great outfit has more than two or three pieces incorporated, so you should start layering more, for the visual effect of your loos to truly be fashionable and stylish. Turtlenecks under oversized shirts, under coats or jackets, will create an appealing vibe for your fashion look and make your outfit anything but boring. Layering isn’t at all complicated, you just need to look over a few inspiring pictures of your favorite fashion influencers, try some looks for yourself, and you’ll get the hang of this trend in no time.

Accessorizing can go a long way

How can you instantly make a regular outfit combo more interesting and visually appealing? Easy, by adding the right accessories. It cannot be stressed enough just how much accessories matter when it comes to putting together a beautiful look. You can be wearing just an oversized white tee and a pair of jeans, if you add the right accessories to your ensemble, you can create a fashion magazine worthy look. From belts with statement buckles to designer sunglasses, hats, and scarves, never walk out the door without giving your outfit those essential finishing touches. If you don’t have at your disposal enough accessories, it’s time you go on a shopping spree. Investing a bit of money in items of this kind will certainly be worth it if you want to never wear a dull outfit again. And if you need a bit of inspiration, you will find plenty of blogs written on the subject – you don’t have to be an expert in fashion to learn how to correctly accessorize your looks.

If you are the type of person who values impeccable aesthetics and a great appearance, the way you dress probably matters. As much as you love fashion, making mistakes is possible, if you overlook important details. In order to keep your style in-check, and maintain your looks flawless, being aware of some relevant fashion insights is necessary. The suggestions mentioned here might provide you with support on the matter. From no longer buying clothes of poor quality, or making sure you accessorize each one of your outfits properly, these are the tips that you should start living by.

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