Stylish Solar Handbag by Diffus Design

As if style were not enough – or is it the modern tendency to make everything doubly and triply useful in many different ways? Anyhow, this new creation by the Diffus Design team is more than just a cool quilt-patterned messenger bag. The pattern is laid out in so many small solar panels.

Diffus Design Solar Handbag

So the high-on-energy bag carries 100 undersized monocrystalline silicone panels that double up as sequins. They imbibe solar energy which is used to recharge your gadgets like cell phones or media players. The energy that’s left unused after sunset keeps the bag glowing through the night, so you can locate the necessary things without the aid of a night light.

Diffus Design Solar Handbag

Source of the image: Solarpanelspower.

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