Safe Romantic Dinner with Philips Imageo

Philips Imageo LED CandlesHave you ever had that romantic dinner with your beloved – with red wine, tasty heart-shaped food, calm music, candles? This scenario may seem banal, but lots of women are romantics and dream of such a nice evening, when there’s only her wearing something sexy and him admiring her, adoring her, loving her – and nothing and no one disturbs. Philips has created something, that could make such an evening beautiful and safe.

They have made Philips Imageo, nice LED lamps, which look like candles. This device doesn’t need any cables or outlets – just rechargeable batteries will do – and no warm wax. It can emit light up to 24 hours and is waterproof, so, it can also be used in the bathroom. Even near the open window it will never be extinguished by the wind. The candles start “burning” after a light shaking. They are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. They look just as nice as real burning candles, but have no flame inside.

The shimmering candlelight created by Philips Imageo makes your romantic mood safer, since when you finish the dinner and start enjoying each other, you don’t have to think about the candles and if your home will still stay undamaged when you finish the most important part of the evening. I like this idea, as I’m quite a romantic person, and I want to have these LED candles at home. Here’s how it looks.

Philips Imageo

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