15 Worries of a Woman on a First Date

A date means you want to put your best foot forward and that is a nervy business. We all crave for an ideal romantic date which goes smoothly and free of nettlesome little incidents that can wreak irreparable harm. Do you remember a time when you went and put your foot in it? Listed below are 15 things we can do to start spoiling that wonderful chance. Regard them and clean up your act! Have you ever made these blunders?


Getting too engrossed over the menu

A mere male doesn’t understand how many aspects we take into account when we are browsing over the menu. Comparing the prices, the calories and thinking up several combinations at once – which are in their turn analyzed for the impression they can produce on him – isn’t it a bit better to look more carefree?

Working the style up

When we turn up for a date we look so different from what we look like in the general run of things. Those who favor jeans and casual tops dig out fashionable dresses or even go shopping before the date. Those who are always style-perfect also try to go up one or two notches. A new date is a good time to learn a few tricks about applying makeup too.

Not knowing what to talk about

Dates fall apart into two big categories: ones where a flow of conversation runs unhindered, and ones which are filled with worry over what to say next. It’s clear that we don’t want to discuss our past relationships. Just how deep we can delve into our date’s life and tell about your own? Is job an interesting enough topic? Too often one has to go by ear.

Watching closely

As we are still working on the first base, we can be very judgmental. We start noticing and storing up details about how he is dressed, how he speaks about his family and his friends, what not. This is part of our search for compatibility and the desire to reassure ourselves that there are no pitfalls and traps on the way. Is your attempt to crack your date open very intense?

Dealing with silence

When both of you fall silent, it feels bad. The general idea of a successful date is chatting your heads off and making merry, and these pauses can be taken as an ominous symptom. Casting about for a silence filler on the spur of the moment may be a dubious venture as people slide onto shaky ground. Why not think up several conversation ideas beforehand?

Waiting for the spark

Probably this is the main thing we expect from the relationship – that feeling of butterflies hovering about in our stomach which tells us that we are on the right path. Each date is regarded from the point of view of striking those sparks, and maybe creating romantic situations when you can enjoy the experience. As time goes on and we realize that stars are not going to shine in your eyes, it can be a chilling realization.

Keeping your BFF up-to-date

Texting your friends or reading your messages during a date is a no-no, because many people consider it to be rude behavior. Do you really need to tell your best friend what is going on straight away? Share your impressions? If you do, the least thing you can do is excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and send messages from there.


Whatever your emotional state is, you won’t be able to get rid of all nervousness. You are going to do some fidgeting, fingering your ring or your earring, adjusting your hair. The nervous energy needs to be given vent, surely, but mind you don’t begin to look too jumpy or shocked at every new little development.

Getting out

It has really turned out awful, and your spirits are plummeting down fast with every minute. Giving it up straightaway is the only course that presents itself to you. How do you go about it? Are you blunt like “Sorry, I gotta go“? Do you go in a roundabout way inventing excuses about an accident with your grandma or an urgent call for help from your BBF? Good luck, any way!


When you know you can space out from sheer nervousness, try to look away – because you can find yourself staring rather dumbly into your date’s face while he is wondering what it was that hit you. Eye contact is all right, but mind you don’t take it too far!

Overdoing it with smiling

How often do you use smile to cover up for your not knowing what to say next or wishing you were somewhere else? Don’t flood the date with smiling, do it when you’re feeling good and know when you would rather do something else instead.

Catching him out with deal breakers

With all of us there are things that come and kill any opportunity for relationship; the worst of these deal breakers are they jump upon you out of the blue when you least expect it. Aside from major breakers like indulgence in drugs and booze there can be stuff of all sorts, and you are often tempted to fish for some of the ominous signs.

Coming across smart

Another great temptation, especially when you realize that your guy turns out to have some doctorates tucked under his belt. Naturally you would want to hit it off with him on his ground, but are you really up to it? If you’re not sure about the information you are thinking of ladling out, why not stay with what you are comfortable with and let him discover your depths on his own at a later date?

Coming late

The standing joke about women coming to a date late is – if the truth is to be told – quite veritable, all due to indecisiveness. Wardrobe rummaging and several attempts at completing the outfit are signs that we are not so sure about ourselves. Taking the wrong turn doesn’t help either. Can we really get it under control?

Wearing nice but uncomfortable items

So many items of clothing and footwear in our wardrobe are too tight, itchy or chafing. Nevertheless, if we believe they look good on us we’re ready to risk it. Unfortunately, it ends the same old way, spoiling the best part of the date in vain attempts to mitigate the suffering. Is it really worth happening again and again?