What Makes a Successful First Date?


American scientists from Stanford University have identified a strategy by which a man can make a good impression on a woman during the first date. The woman should talk about herself and other topics, and the man should not raise the topic of his job.


The scientists from Stanford University have analyzed the conversations during 1,000 so-called speed dates, during which potential partners were constantly changing tables to choose a suitable mate in a matter of just 4 minutes. It was found that women almost immediately lost interest in the men who started to talk about their work on the first date. But the men, who allowed women to talk about themselves, had the greatest success. The most interesting thing is that the man was permitted to interrupt a woman!

The men participating in speed-dating eventually stated that they could later date almost all the women with whom they managed to talk. The women were more selective in this respect. It was found that during successful first dates the women were supposed to often use pronoun “I”, and the men would have to say “you” in this case.

But why do women like to be interrupted? It turns out that they do not consider this style of conversation to be rude. With their interruptions, the men demonstrated that they could listen to the women, and the latter found this very important.

According to study author Professor Dan Zhurafski, the more a man speaks about his job, the worse chances such a date has. Women believe that workaholics are not interested in them. And if a woman does not cause interest in men, then such men will not cause be interesting to this woman. It is the stories about men’s jobs that the women often called the biggest mistake of such conversations. It is noteworthy that men are much more tolerant – they were not even able to formulate any specific errors in women’s communicative behavior. Men, apparently, are happy with everything.