Amputee Model Walks Runaway for Antonio Urzi

Personal trainer from the UK will be the first one-legged male model in the history, who will take part in shows at Fashion Week in New York. This young man has lost his right leg at 16 years of age.

A resident of English Dorset, 25-year-old Jack Ayres, a personal trainer and fitness model, has been chosen by Antonio Urzi fashion brand to participate in the show at the Fashion Week in New York. The fans of this brand include such stars as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Britney Spears. Jack lost his right leg after amputation at the age of 16 – it was a consequence of the disorder called PFFD (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency), with which he was born.

Jack says he feels like something surreal is going to happen. He cannot believe it’s really happening. Becoming the first amputee model at a Fashion Week is an incredibly great achievement. The man has no idea what to expect, he is so full of emotions. But he wants to show the world that disability is not an obstacle to your achievements.

For many years, PFFD forced Jack to regularly visit the hospital, but he got tired and decided to amputate the leg, which gave him so much inconvenience. After the amputation, the guy suddenly found himself engaged in fitness and achieved excellent body proportions, and then he became interested in a modeling career. He signed a contract with the Models of Diversity agency, which works with the most diverse models, including disabled people. After that, his career developed, and at one point he even became man of the year according to the Men’s Health magazine.