Bargain Sale: 7 Things You Should Never Buy

Fashion brands have learned to lull their customers into a false sense of security during seasonal sales, which are still going on. It is easy to get trapped with all these “special offers” – you will not even notice how you will bring home a pile of unnecessary things. To prevent this from happening, tells you about the things you should never buy!


1. Clothing of a wrong size

When a woman is trying to buy clothes of a different size at the sales, she is guided by two main reasons. The first one is when she is going to lose weight, so instead of choosing her perfect size M she selects psychologically correct size S. It is like an extra incentive. The second reason is when only huge sizes of clothes are left, but the dress is so beautiful that nothing can be done about it…

The thing of a different size bought at an incredibly low price is unlikely to come in handy even if you decide to lose weight until you have XXS size or gain some to XXXL. In both cases, you are wasting your money. Even if later you will lose weight to S size or reach XXXL, you can find a million reasons to never wear these sale trophies. When at sales, it makes sense to buy things that you can wear no later than tonight.

2. Three gray shirts for the price of one

The simple magic of numbers and the offer to stock up some clothing (no matter what!) will play a cruel joke with ladies in the future. For example, many women consider the versatile clothing item called “cardigan” their favorite one. A woolen bag of the color of a mouse with a sloppy and confusing collar.

Do not buy another strange gray cardigan at a sale, even if three items are sold for the price of one. You do not need even one cardigan, and three items for the price of one is something beyond understanding. With clothes, the win-win rule works perfectly well: it is better to have fewer clothes, but better ones. So try to buy one thing for the price of one thing. In case of sales, you can buy a good thing for the price of one not very good thing – it is the maximum that you should rely on.

3. A circus costume

Winter sales are an excellent opportunity for shops to get rid of the things that are purchased to make the selection “funnier.” Leopard pants and dresses with indecently large polka dot – these are the first things that your eye notices when you enter the department with discounts (yes, this is where the malicious plan of modern marketers begins!).

Discard the purchase of “funny” things with exotic coloring, even if they are the first to draw your attention at the entrance to the store. Very often, you can find ladies that are buying sundresses of all fuchsia shades and jackets made of oilskin crocodiles to diversify their wardrobe. We do not mind having a variety of clothes in our wardrobe – at least for the sake of having fun in the dressing room. But no matter how low the price may be, and even if you want all these unimaginable leopard items, learn to edit your new images in the dressing room.

4. The things that you already have

During the sales, many get into the obvious fashion trap – they are trying to buy the things that they already have. Let’s say you adore blue trousers. You have three equally beautiful pairs of them. And instead of trying beige or gray trousers on, you rush to see the familiar blue ones.

Do not allow yourself again and again to buy the things you already have, otherwise you will find that you have returned to uniform and always look the same. Here you need to understand that when you see clothes on the hangers you mostly like what you have already bought and what you already have in your wardrobe. But if you continue to buy the same things, you will soon find that they resemble a uniform, and you always look predictable. If you do not want this to happen – try new things.

5. “Signals” of the mass market

In each seasonal collection, well-known brands have the things that are called “signal” items. They are used in advertising campaigns, they are put in the windows and in general, they are strongly advertised. No matter how good these things are, you should not buy them – they shout about their price too loud, and it also points to the fact that their season has already gone.

The things placed in the shop windows or taking part in advertising campaigns are not the best clothing items to buy at a sale. So if you see an interesting fancy dress or coat and you have the idea in your head about seeing this item somewhere else (and more than once!) do not bother trying it on. The ultimate fashion trick is when your colleagues and friends do not know what you are wearing and how much it costs.

6. A kilogram of earrings

Cheap jewelry stores are almost the greatest fashionable evil, especially during sales, when jewelry is sold almost by weight! There is nothing criminal about the fact that girls prefer artificial gems to natural ones for whatever reason. But the jewelry should be special, and its function is to make you special!

Multi-colored bracelets and exorbitant plastic beads are also present in our “black list”. Instead of “refreshing” the image, they destroy everything lively and vigorous that people will see in you. You have no idea how much money you can save by giving up all these funny rings and earrings. Even if you buy “three pairs for the price of one” and pay $2.

7. Slightly damaged things

In the heap of terrible and useless things sold at a discount, you can still find your dream dress. Or a sweater from your heavenly dreams. And then it will have something that is called a “tiny damage” – a broken zipper, a tiny hole in an inconspicuous place, a speck, a scratch and so on…

Do not buy things with the so-called “tiny damage” – it is unlikely that you will decide to spend a sum of money, substantially greater than the cost of the “trophy” itself, on sending it to the cleaner’s or tailor after the purchase. In this case, you need to honestly answer the question if you really want to pay for cleaning more than for the dress itself. Are you really going to replace the zipper and sew a few patches? Amid the sale euphoria, many things seem not as they really are. Therefore, if you decide to take such a thing to the cashier, repeat to yourself (preferably several times!) the last sentence of this article. Namely – the damage is never tiny.