Polar Pillow Cools Head Literally

When there are emotional storms raging within you and the heat wave raging outside you stand a good chance to be deprived of your sleep. Now that’s not healthy and better avoided, especially when you have great assistance from your pillow. Unfortunately, not every pillow is capable of providing such excellent service – on the contrary, they have a habit of becoming unbearably warm. But you can fork up $100 and get a real cool pillow that will calm you into sleep.

Cool Polar Pillow

Aptly dubbed the Polar Pillow, the device (likely to be the coolest spot in your bedroom) is filled with endothermic gel that sucks in your body heat and disposes of it into the air. Outwardly it is soft and comfortable as a good pillow should be. In for heatproof nights?

Source of the image: Wired.

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