Cartons May Cause Cancer

Swiss scientists supervised by Dr. Connie Grob have discovered that cartons, in which the flakes are sold, are dangerous to human health.


As it turned out, the use of old paper for producing recycled cardboard and mineral oils in the paint can lead to the contamination of food.

More than a half of carton in Europe is the product of recycling. But the analysis has revealed that the content of mineral oils in packaged foods exceeds the norm in more than 100 times. The scientists state that the evaporation of oils can occur even within the plastic package of flakes.

One of the producers of cereals, Jordans, has already announced the transition to a carton made of primary products. Many companies have also familiarized themselves with the results of the study and stated that they are now considering the possibility of changes, but do not promise an instant decision.

Mineral oils are associated with the development of inflammation of internal organs and cancer. Flour, rice, pasta, and cereals for breakfast are of particular concern. The British Food Standards Agency has commented on the relevance of the study, but says that it is early to draw conclusions. The information about high oil content in food packaging is just being collected now.

Source of the image: Photl.

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