The North Face Music Friendly Jackets for Men and Women

Winter is the season when you had to fumble around for your MP3 player/iPod controls, a laborious task at times that could make you look funny. Those days will soon be forgotten, and The North Face’s new jackets make a long step towards it. They are fetching warm affairs, ideal for skiing, fitted with a bottom seal for a tight fix of your lower piece of clothing. But the chief thing is they are so iPod-friendly. You just shove your iPod wherever it fits best and there’s a joystick on the left sleeve you can control it with.

North Face iPod-Friendly Jackets

These iPod comfies come in two models, men’s, called the Hustle Audio Jacket, and women’s, the North Face hitting upon the idea of calling it the Femphonic Audio Jacket. They go for about $600, but can be found at a smaller price if you care to look around some.

North Face Jacket with iPod Control on the Sleeve

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